Perceptual map Mazda (inglés)

Brief: Create a perceptual map about the situation of Mazda


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download the pdf:perceptual_map_written_mafalda


Perceptual maps are used for understanding where our brand is positioned in comparison with our competitors. When we make perceptual maps we realized also, the main sectors where the market is developed on a particular moment in time. In the case of the automobile sector, we find out that the majority of brands are positioned between strong and not so passionate. This means that a lot of brands have a a great likelihood on places like blogs, but they don’t have a define group of passionate consumers on those social networks. But, How can it be possible that brands don´t occupy the strong passion space?

Well, this is because brands of this automobile sector, don’t focus on creating a community in relation to their brand. Most of them, just focus on communicating their products benefits or prices and forget about creating engagement with their brand. This could cause serious problems on the sells of their products due to the lack of loyalty to the brand. On the other hand, brands such as Harley Davidson communicate their products in a different way and this leads to the creation of subgroups inside society that truly follow their brand. By having this groups, Harley has a higher level of passion (72%) in comparison with other automobile companies like Mazda (23%).

In conclusion, the automobile sector has a complete empty space to develop for approaching their consumer. By changing the way of communicating their brand, they could create the feeling of belonging. This would affect the consumer, making it more passionate and loyal to brand.

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