«A platform that allows students to share their underutilized assets, inside a trusted community, without spending any money»

This is the pitch of a start-up that my team and I presented for the New venture competition 2019 inside University of California Irvine. This competition started on the 14 of November and went all the way to the 22 of May, with 7 months of hard work and dedication, long hours, and pizza to deliver this.

It all started with an idea quite far away from what you just read on the top, it was a platform where people could swap clothes, but the «no spending money» part was there since the beginning.

I decided to share my idea in front of the people attending the events, never expecting that this crazy concept will attract team members, and it did. That same day my team was formed and the journey began (Images of meetings)

We held multiple team meetings where I brought oranges 🍊 (as I read in some cheesy blog that is great for concentration) and prepared presentations to talk about the topics of the platform. At the same time, we will attend the workshops provided and acquire more knowledge and insights that we will then apply to our project

The first milestone was to submit a paper that they will then preselect for the next and final round. This is what we developed:

…AND WE PASS, I wasn’t expecting this! I felt amazing, and the journey could continue. This meant we were in the finals.

This second part of the project was a little of a roller coaster, and we had a lot of doubts about what our business model truly was, as you can imagine having a startup that runs without any money didn’t seem really profitable.

But we manage to solve this and many issues more, and then the project got a new drastic change with the introduction to the team of our Mentor, Plamen. He viewed the project from the perspective of an outsider and brought the right questions to the table. I felt that the project was on a rocket, and we were getting more and more prepared for the finals

… AND WE PRESENTED , the day came, and we presented LIEREN in front of the jury, I felt really passionate and happy after the presentation time. We didn’t win, but we ended up in TOP10 of consumer services, and we were interviewed by a Chinese company. It was a learning experience that I will never forget!

Into the next adventure

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