Week 2 Ready, set, PLAY!

Day 6: Hacking CSS

So, the weekend was over and we had to submit our homework (you can check out my homework HERE) Is not the prettiest website in the world but I have to say that I am really proud knowing that I code it from scratch 🧐.

Today we started class going through some issues we could have when submitting our work to Github 😺 through the terminal as you need to write some commands and can get a bit tricky. Then our teacher showed us some websites that can help us with the CSS of our creations.

I felt completely amazed when he showed us 🌟 Bootstrap, a platform where you can have access to a front end component library. This is going to make my life easier as you can copy and paste elements directly to your HTML and they look amazing, and also they are responsive 📲

The next thing we learned today was the idea of creating rows and columns to showcase items inside a grid. 📰 I learned grids in my graphic design classes and were a little bit tricky at first, but once you understand and establish them, you see that any layout out there is fundamentally based on grids, here is a past exercise I did in college:

The last thing we learned today was to create breakpoints and Media Queries both of them help us on the responsive side of our websites. We can create specific points where our content is adapted to the screen size making it a great concept if we want to create somehing that can be viewed from different devices.

Day 7: Bootstrap and some Java

So today is the day we learned Java🚀, but before that, we reviewed the benefits of bootstrap and how to use to make your website responsive. 📲 still today I am so happy about this discovery and how easy is going to make my CSS, here is a super basic site using the components (The info is from my portfolio, you can click the image to go to the site):

So as I was saying, today we learned Java, and I did know a little js through a subject of design 👩🏼‍💻, this was my class notes from design: We didn’t use the same program but still, some of the concepts of Booleans and strings were familiar as they were the same. 

Today we played with alerts👩🏼‍🔬, confirms and we started creating variables. We did that to create a program where you can input what type of food you like, it was pretty cool and definitely is changing the way I think 🤔:

Day 8: The joys of Java

Yes, that was the title of the ppt of today and is true, today we went deep into the joyful world of Java 😄 . We continue to navigate more with else and if and understand the different syntax applied to the different comparing elements such as «===» «!==» or even «&&». I felt really good when I was able to code the following simple if/else ✌🏼: (This will show in the HTML how old or young is your cat comparing it with the variable justify in the document)

We also learned how to create For loops 🧬 (we currently learn to use to view/select components of an array or data collections)

for(var i=0;i<array.lenght;i++)

and functions 🧮 ( help us clean our code as it can justify actions that could be repeatedly tested)

I also learn that functions help keep your code DRY or «don’t repeat yourself», making it more clean and agile to change when making modifications on the values

function nameFunction(element,...){

But my mind was blown today when I tried to solve a repetitive action with a function, although I got the order wrong, just the idea of thinking differently makes me feel that I am evolving. (This is the right order)

Day 9: I created my first game

Classes are evolving to be more practical and we are doing more on our computers than learning through powerpoints, this means that we acquiring more and more knowledge to solve problems that are given by our teacher 👨‍🏫

Take for example the simple game of Rock, Paper and Scissors, thanks to learning the syntax and process of java, I was able to create a game where, by selecting a key on your computer assign to the element ( r=👊🏼, p=🖐🏼, s=✌🏼) you can play with the computer and it will show who wins and looses

This exercise has taught me the importance of pseudo-coding and planning beforehand, also writing what actions or steps I should follow and explaining it in my one words.

So yesterday we went through arrays today we were introduced to objects 👍🏼, which can help you store any kind of data, form arrays to functions, and can help you call for data that is not following an order.

Day 10: Going fast to start creating faster

For today’s class, we started practicing for loops and arrays and how we can combine other «.atributes» such as .length, we use this to inspect if a word had a particular letter. This is pretty interesting as our homework for Monday is to create the hanging man game, 👾 so let’s see at the weekend how I deliver this task.

We continue the class with the introduction of «scope», which helps us understand where variables live, as they can be global or local and the position of it can make one shadow the other. This is really interesting🕵🏼‍♀️ as the value of your variables can change throughout the code, but is really important to understand which variable value are you using in that particular area of your code. (some of my notes 📝):

Finally, we were introduced to Jquery, which is like the bootstrap of HTML, but this one on Java, and it gives you access to a library 🗂of established elements and helps you optimize your code, and also helps the process of changing elements on the Dom. This is an example without Jquery:

//we create a variable to write on the HTML text the result of the next for loop 

var targetId = document.getElementById("place.text");

//we create a for loop that will write on the document the different values
for(var i=0 ; i<array.length ; i++){
var newDiv= document.createElement("div");
newDiv.textContent= drinkList[i];

With Jquery:

// In this case we don't need to create a variable outside our loop 

for (var i = 0; i < array.length; i++) {
 var newDiv = $("<div>");

Definitely, today went fast, but can’t wait to get the work done this weekend and start learning more in week 3 🦸🏼‍♀️

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