Week 3 Whiteboarding, creating, and understanding

So today was the day, I can say that I officially did my first whiteboarding 😱 exercise (using my iPad) and if you are asking how did it go…

Well, the answer is better than expected (I didn’t get it right, but hey, I was close!), I have to say that whiteboarding is a pretty difficult task because you cannot console.log to see the result, rather you have to imagine it 🤔.

We continue our class understanding what JQUERY can do to our code and what sort of .action we can use to make the task we want to execute easier to create. We can add effects to elements on our HTML, 🤠 change their classes or even make them clickable, this is so much fun and there are so many options out there!

We practice the use of JQUERY, with this game of magnets for the fridge (The design wasn’t the most attractive one, but the code is really interesting)

We finalize the class with some Scope exercises that help us understand what result certain functions will deliver, as this will depend on the variable define inside {} 🤯

(This was really tricky, but the more we practice I assume the better we will get at it ✌🏼)

Day 12 problem-solving mentality

So today we continue doing a whiteboarding exercise, although I didn’t get it again I feel that I have improved from yesterday to today 🤔, as I can at least explain what sort of elements inside the function I would create to execute. (I assume the more I practice the better I will execute 👍🏼)

As I exposed on the past days our classes are evolving from powerpoints to problem-solving exercise 🎉 that we do for the majority of the class, which is great you get to practice even more! Today’s exercise was to create a calculator here you can find the link of the one I coded (style guidances were given)

No alt text provided for this image

AND IT WORKS!!! 🎉🎉🎉 It feels amazing when you are able to pseudo-code and break everything into pieces and start creating something that ends up working!

Day 13 Sometimes you just need to review

Today early morning I had to work on my homework assignment for tomorrow 👷🏼‍♀️, you can check it out clicking in the image, is a number guessing game, where the value of the gems 💎 is hidden and by clicking on them you need to reach to the random number generated by the computer:

No alt text provided for this image

I know that design wise is not the most attractive one out there 👩🏼‍💻, but the logic behind it was pretty challenging. I am happy to have completed this task ✌🏼and that I am getting better the more I practice.

We continue our class reviewing Java 👀, as you can imagine, we are going pretty fast on the course, so sometimes is good 🕵🏼‍♀️to have time to just review past concepts.

We were finally introduced to the idea of timing events ⏳, by adding a function such as (setTimeout(){}»the time in milliseconds you want it to run») you can manage certain events that can happen once that time is out ⏰, this is another door of possibilities in relation to the user interactions, can’t wait to use it!

 $("#start").on("click", function() {

  delayButtonAlert = setTimeout(function() {
          alert("Alert #2: Called 3 seconds after the start button is clicked.");
        }, 5000);

Day 14 discovering new and improving

So today’s whiteboarding exercise as you can image was really challenging 👾, but I set myself the milestone to complete it and have a result that worked, and I have to say, that after thinking and rethinking, I manage to solve it ⭐️. The challenge was to create a function that will return if a word is a palindrome.

    //Create the prompt so the user can write the word they want to checkvar word = prompt("Write the word");
        //Create empty array to push the word splitedvar wordArr = [];
        var wordArr = word.split("");

        //Create a function with a for loop that goes from left to right of the word//As  index [1] as to be equal to index [1] in the word backwardsvar wordArrRight = [];
        for (i = wordArr.length - 1; i > -1; i--) {

        for (i = 0; i

Is true that the solution given by my teacher was far more short than this one, but still is the first time that I was able to solve a whiteboarding challenge 👩🏼‍🚀 and I felt extremely proud about it

We continue the class adding the value of time to certain actions inside our page ⏲, manage to create a countdown timer, and as simple as it sounds it was pretty challenging as you create true and false statements to make it run or stop 🤔.

Then our teacher made a break to introduce us to the process of how interviews for developers are normally executed, and he explained most of the times are done through whiteboarding exercises ✌🏼. So, we continue practicing and this is really challenging as you don’t have a computer to console.log the result you need to come up with the solution at the moment and be able to express it.

Finally, we had a little introduction to AJAX and….. algorithms 🧮! Can’t wait to learn more about it!

Day 15 AJAX and some GIFS

Today, as always I came to class early so I could have time to review the homework and do whiteboarding exercises (today I actually did it in the whiteboard 🦸🏼‍♀️). Actually, it was pretty intimidating to have a huge whiteboard to write your function knowing people are looking at you 👀 and you are not able to see if it works or not 🤯. I got it wrong, but this is teaching me that I need to inform more about other ways of solving problems, I am always trying to solve everything with For loops and there are techniques out there that are better to solve that particular problem 📖.

We continue our class with AJAX practice and the advantages of using it to search for data inside an API 📡. We were able to search for a particular film, and have all the information displayed (as shown in the image) and also being able to print it in our HTML using Jquery.

We then continue practicing more with objects and how to call particular areas inside that object that contains multiple arrays 📞. After the practice, we were introduced to how we can integrate a particular API into our code and we used GIPHY 🔮. We had to search inside the developer’s documentation and how to create the specific link that will search in that server. I have to say that this was really fun, as you get to dig into really cool documentation and understand how things work.

This homework is to create Trivia, can’t wait to start! 🎉

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