Week 4 First Group projects

HK: Trivia Game

Day 16: Searching Movies

Monday, a new start of the week full of energy and the best attitude to face this class 🤩, we continue learning and reviewing APIs and we did some exercises using Ajax to call data from an API. I was able to showcase the information from a film API 🎬, as is shown in the image. I have to say that it feels great having the possibility to have access to information that is in a remote server 👀, call it and be able to display it in your front end.

We then continue the class using the API for Gif 👾, and I have to say that one of the things that I most enjoy is to create URL 📰 to have specific results such as topics, number of results displayed, etc. I was able to modify those URLs to have different content showcased and is really interesting how many possibilities or ways you have to curate that search to what you or the user wants ❤️.

Finally, I want to share two things I learned today, first you can actually do .catch(){} 🥏 to «catch» errors or view where the error is and see where the errors are inside the developer tools. Second, when you go to a page and have the typical 404 💣 not found is actually an HTTP tag for not found but there is plenty more, there is even a webpage that uses images of cats 🐱 that tells you what is the meaning of the tag it shows. I am always impressed by the developer’s world creativity

Day 17: Starting with group projects

 Tuesday arrived and we are starting with our group projects 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️! This means that this last assignment of integrating GIPHY API will probably be the last one I do alone 👩🏼‍💻. In the developing environment, it seems that most of the times we are going to work with other people as a teamn 🤝 , so is great that we are starting now, even though is early on the process, we can face difficulties now so we are more prepared when we become full stack developers 👩🏼‍🚀.

(Something really cool about group projects is that there are awards🥇 for the best UX/UI creativity etc.. so is pretty nice to have an incentive like this, I find it more interesting than grades ⭐️ )

One of the things our teacher really wants us to pay attention to is to preparing and organizing 🤔 y work before you start, this means we code better as we follow a workflow. He introduced us to the tickets you can create inside GitHub or Issues ✉️ that can help us assign tasks to the different team members. ( I can’t lie I get excited with the organization in projects )

The main goal of this project is to integrate 2 APIS, we were also introduced to all the requirements and then we did some exercises with the API of GIPHY and we reviewed concepts of the DOM 🔮, which is basic but it can get really confusing.

Day 18: First Ideas for the project

Wednesday arrived and we dedicated most of our class to discuss our group projects! Our team is formed by 4, and there were already predefined. In relation to the ideas, we discuss and brainstorm and end up thinking 🤔 of developing an app that will let you search for items that you have in your fridge and will tell you which recipes you can create. We will also plan to integrate the API from Amazon to showcase the ingredients you can buy to do that recipe 🍎. Here you can see some wireframes and the first stages of the prototype :

We also learned how to create a teamwork project inside GitHub and we were able to have it in our terminal 📍. We were also introduced to the idea of stand-ups or moments where you share the things that you are working on and the main goals for the day. Definitely working on a team and developing a project in this area is something sort of new for me 🦸🏼‍♀️, but I am excited to learn more in this area an more important learn from the mistakes we are doing in this early stages. This way we can all build the best bases for any future project we will future be involved.

Day 19: Dealing with APIS

We continue today with our group projects and we were able to showcase both of the APIs we selected 🌟(Edamem and Wallmart, we decided to change it). I have to say that this was a challenge we had some trouble finding the keys and dealing with CORS. But at the end of the class, we were able to console.log the results

We were also introduced today to Git Kraken 🐙, a platform that let us see what merges and request are being done of had been don to the different branches inside our repositories. I have to say that merging conflicts and wrong requests while working seems that is going to be normal in this first stages of the project 📖. I hope I am able to do this without any issues to have a better and more agile workflow

Day 20: Pseudo-coding and git challenges

Today was a full day of group projects 👯‍♀️, It was the first time we didn’t have a «class» where the teacher explains a specific concept, but rather we were applying what we knew. This didn’t mean that we weren’t learning, I will say that it was the opposite, when you face problems while working, solving those mistakes really make you pay attention to the solution and you truly learn how to avoid it in the future ✌🏼.

In our particular case, we had a lot of problems with GIT, in particular on merging and pushing our work to the branches that had to have the information. I guess we will improve with time, but this was the first time we were working on something separately and then when merging we had conflicts so we have to go through each line to see what we want to keep and what we want to remove

We end up solving those issues and we were able to start creating the basic structures of our web and pseudo-coding our HTML and JS. Next week we will start coding on our different tasks independently and then merging it to a developer page that when that one is okay we will push it master. Definitely, there is still a lot of work to be done but I am confident that we will be able to display something that is worth it.

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