Week 5 a short week but intense learning

Before I share my learning diaries 🗣 I also want to share some ups and downs that happen during this rollercoaster that is learning. I have to say that sometimes, during the project I experienced some moments that I felt down, but I was able to share it with my teacher and he was really supportive of it 🙌🏼. Is great and really motivating to have an environment that helps to deal with stress and burnout, throughout any learning experience, how you feel really reflects what you can deliver 👍🏼

Day 21: Group project and navigating the API response

Another Monday inside the boot camp and another day continuing with the group project, unfortunately, two of our team members had couldn’t make it fully to class. But, still, the two of us reaming 🧠, manage to create variables with the information that any user can input and put that variable inside the URL of the API. This will search the user input on the database of the API 💾, in our case is Walmart and Edamem (This pulls recipes and ingredients ). We were also able to add and showcase 🔦 this information in HTML using JQUERY, as we were working on JavaScript we were working by console logging at the beginning 📡. Next steps are more related to the way we are going to display the information, and once we have our MVP we can add more features.

Day 22: Managing challenges with git, showcasing «Add to cart buttons» and whiteboarding

Tuesday arrived and we continue with the group project that we have to present on Monday of next week, although we are investing time on it we still face some challenges 🧨. Today we had some major issues with Git, as we were pushing merging and pulling from different branches 📩, and this created merging problems that some accepted. Luckily TAs and our teacher were there to help us and solve some issues, I assume that the more we do it it will start feeling more intuitive 🔎. After sort of solving these issues, we were able to create a button that will directly link the product 🌭 the user search to the cart in Walmart and also we were able to showcase the image of the recipe that contains that specific product. Finally, I stay a little longer in class and we did some whiteboarding problems 🤔 and our teacher showed us some interesting topics around data with Map, harsh and O(n)

Day 23: Final touches of the group project

As we had experienced throughout this project 🤔, GIT was giving us some trouble, so we decided to dedicate the day to split the work and then go line by line of code to make the changes needed. I know, this is not the most agile way to do it, but we prioritize to have the MVP 🦸🏼‍♀️ ready and functioning so we can then build and modify as needed. It was tough and I totally see the value of Git when working on teams but we might need to apply it on the next project and we should start creating our repositories right since the beginning 💾. Besides this, we modify the CSS and worked with Materialise UI for those changes in the frontend. Here you can find some screenshots of how is currently looking. In the upcoming weekend, I will work on improving and giving the project the final touches 🔮

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