Kapi Residences intership

It all started with an instagram story

I was on the process of searching for internships, for my ACP media and global communications and decided to post my process. I was applying for marketing ing agencies when suddenly I received a notification that Kapi replied to my story telling me to share my CV. So I give it a try, actually I was a resident at their off campus student housing and I was liking my stay there so I decided why not?

I went to a couple of interviews with the and I really like the vibe they had, the team was amazing and they were building their marketing team. This is what got me excited , there was all to be DONE. As an intern most of the times you are left a side and don’t get to have the opportunity to make important decisions. Thanks to my background experience in other companies and motivation, Sarvat my, now boss, gave me the opportunity to have a say in the table of the branding of the company.

Some of the projects or tasks I was able to develop:


  • Brand audit, understanding what our current target needs and adapting the brand so user and company speak the same language

Social Media

  • Creating a strategy, using tools such as Asana and Hooutsuite
  • Editing, reviewing, creating content and strategies for the brand.
  • Reviewing and redesigning (Before, collage and after, interactive video)
  • Changing the strategy and personality of the brand in social media (Before and after)
  • Paid advertising on Instagram and Facebook, for an art truck contest


  • Lead and create an exercise to understand the pain points with the main stakeholders of Kapis experience
  • Developing a Customer a Journey
  • Interviewing personally the area managers to understand more in-depth their particular problems


  • Building the structure of a NYFA specific website to send to the developer
  • Developing the structure of the website Kapi needed, involving the place holders
  • Creating different exercises with the area managers to give visibility to their needs, in order to create a great experience not only for the user but also for the workers



  • Flyer creation
  • Flyer audit and redesign


  • I also propose some interior design ideas to improve Kapis experience on their residences

After all, it was an amazing experience were I got to learn and develop in different fields

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