Week 1 Hello, I am learning how to code

Day 0: Dealing with why? and frustration

So, after a while thinking about learning to code 👩🏼‍💻, I finally decided that it was the right time to jump into this area, I have to say that it was all new and challenging for me. But this wasn’t going to stop me, so I decided to join a boot camp, and the adventure began with the prework.

The prework that I had to do before class started seemed like a lot, new theories new ways of understanding my computer and a lot of time just understanding what I was doing. I had moments where I barely understood anything of what I had in front of me, I mean the first time I open my terminal I was so confused about what to do with it 🤔

After quite a few hours and some «I am feeling so dumb»🙃 moments, I finally finished my work and felt really proud of myself. I have to say that I really enjoyed it, I just plug some iTunes playlist of «study» music and it felt like things were suddenly to starting to make sense.

✨Intake: Listen to good music when doing something that might frustrate you, it will change your perspective towards a task

Day 1: I wasn’t expecting this

So my first day of class officially started 👩🏼‍🚀, I was feeling prepared, I had my lunch and my computer and got inside of class. The teacher and classmates looked really friendly and the interesting part is that they all came from different backgrounds which made me feel really comfortable and boost my confidence as I feel I fit in.

After an introduction to the class requirements, our teacher, which by the way, I love his energy and passion, reviewed that all of our programs were well installed 📝. We checked or versions using the code [name of the program] -v in the terminal, it feels great when you can interact with your computer and have an immediate response of what you want.

During class, we went through some coding basics «syntaxes» 📖and I wasn’t expecting to find it so interesting and fun 🥳, yes, I said fun, I had fun learning about different commands you can use to interact with your computer. As I said in the title of today’s I wasn’t expecting this, let’s see how tomorrow goes.

✨Intake: You can delete all the documents of your computer if you type rm -rf

Day 2: Terminal is getting fun

So today we started class with the terminal, by creating, copying and moving files and I have to say that is getting fun 🎉, I mean when I was doing the pre-work for class, the part of the terminal was really overwhelming I didn’t understand anything and it was all white. But now, after 3 days and some practice, I can tap a simple line and get what I want (well at least some times), which actually feels amazing.

We then went through some theory👨🏻‍🏫, that was really interesting, we went through what a full stack developer really means and what «flow» there is between front-end and back-end. I find it quite challenging to truly master all the programs that are out there and it seems that there is something more that you still haven’t learned, which makes it a super interesting world for curious like me 👩🏼‍🚀🌏.

Then we continue with understanding a little more what Git can offer and how it works in a broader way. We started to understand the concepts of pulling, pushing and merging to a master branch and the benefits of version control. Throughout this class, I asked a lot of questions and it feels great that the more I ask the more I feel that I am learning 🧐.

✨Intake: Ask as many questions as you need, people are truly there to help, it will help you get deeper into aspects you might not know at first

Day 3: learning how developers interact with git and bit of CSS

So today we started class understanding how to upload your work at Github 📤 and let me say how cool is learning the commands you can use to upload documents just interacting with your terminal. In this process of learning👩🏼‍🎓, I am starting to understand how important is to pay attention to details, just one letter or character can make your entire work not functional. 

This brings me to the next point when creating code our teacher really makes us commit as much as possible (commuting is setting sort of steps were you add comments so people know what changes you did to the branch you are working on) Really like the idea that the things I am creating can be seen by everyone 🙌🏼 . This topic of sharing your content and seeing the community behind coding truly changed my preservative of the world of coding. People are open and share their issues, is amazing, this is not crazy people in a basement as I thought, but is rather a community ✌🏼.

Today’s coding ended up with going to demo day from past students and it was amazing seeing the time and dedication they spent to develop their ideas. But what it was greater was talking to them about their experiences, can’t wait to see how time goes and we will be able to create 🧠.

✨Intake: Having a community is Key to build up, create and develop projects

Day 4: CSS is challenging

Learning CSS is pretty tricky, I am not going to lie, things are getting a bit complicated, I haven’t seen a lot of it in the past, so everything is pretty new. But what I like about CSS is that the result of it is more related to some of the background of design that I have and it makes your creations quite better🔥. You can change color spaces and typography but also you are able to move items, which makes it a little bit more attractive to learn.

But I have to say that what I liked the most about today’s class was the Google developer tool, as you can see pretty much all of the code of the website and wait for it…. the coolest part is that you can edit it at the moment 🙉 and will see the results at the moment (immediately) how cool is to make changes to the websites you most like!

Also today we were merging and commuting our work to the repo of the class and I have to say that I messed up a little 🤭 as I push my work to everyone’s repos so they have my work every time they merge. Definitely a learning experience. I can’t wait to start working on the homework for Monday.

✨Intake: Google dev lets you change any website you want and see the results at the moment, (it won’t be published)

Day 5: Officially my first week is done

Well, today has officially made this week my first week of coding and so far it has been more than amazing 😱. Today I had a 1 on 1 with my teacher so he could give me some guidance and support throughout this process. Is great to have this kind of conversations as I think throughout the boot camp I might have some ups and downs and is great to have someone you can rely on.

So, in relation to the content of the class, today we continue with CSS, and as like anything in life, the more you practice the more you can resolve the issues that pop up 🔍. We went more into detail on how to position elements and also how to change fonts and sizes. Something that I love about coding is that while you are learning it, you can have access to all this information at Google 📚 that can help you to figure out your problems, so there are no limitations in knowledge. I am always googling for new things and ways to deliver the result.

I am really happy with how I am evolving, as last week I wasn’t able to even understand the terminal and now I am pushing things on my Git hub account through it 😁. I was also able to work on my homework and have it half done before the weekend. Can’t wait for next week new concepts I am feeling great!


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